Clubs and Activities

A hand-picked faculty, dedicated Scholars and unique pedagogical learning is incomplete without a healthy dose of art and culture. Without inhibiting creativity, we feel the Scholars must take on the task of forming communities, clubs, affiliations and interest groups and be actively engaged in them. A dedicated class will be devoted to the performing arts and other cultural activities in an initiative called ‘The Manch’, especially created to enhance the overall learning experience of the Vedica Scholar.

Such associations could be on a multitude of subjects, ranging from:

• Public speaking
• Theatre and dramatics
• Painting, sculpture and craft
• Music – vocal and instrumental
• Reading groups and literary criticism
• Film appreciation
• Dance – classical and contemporary
• Quizzing
• Sports and athletics
• Entrepreneurship
• Community service
• Environment

  • Events

  • Facebook Activity

The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women
Offered jointly by the Vedica Foundation and Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication
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