Student life

At Vedica, life and learning go hand in hand. The serene surroundings on campus open up minds and unshackle thoughts, pique your curiosity and tickle your intellect. This wholesome and enriching experience is what the Vedica Scholars Programme promises to impart.

We aspire to create a cadre of women instilled with the following core qualities and values:

• Dignity & pride

• Confidence and strife

• Ability to exercise independent thought

• Leadership qualities and management acumen

• Experiential, active and reflective learning

• Striking a balance between tradition and modernity

• Understanding the import of transparency, accountability and ownership

• Integrity and humility

• Aware, conscious and responsible citizenship

• Democracy, participation and empowerment

The Vedica Promise

We are committed to grooming benchmark professionals. Our promise to employers is that every Vedica Scholar:

  • will strive to be a lifelong learner – curious, creative and adaptable
  • encouraged to exercise independent thought
  • aims to be the right blend of strong values, skills, and knowledge that fuels them to pursue inspiring work, and lead successful, meaningful lives
  • trained in management expertise as well as capabilities to think critically, and to connect issues in the political, social and economic contexts
  • has actively engaged in leadership and personal growth, and has the confidence and courage to be self-aware and reflective
  • understands the importance of communication and the power of words to further ideas, negotiate and influence effectively in professional settings
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The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women
Offered jointly by the Vedica Foundation and Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication
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