Academic Calendar

The Vedica Scholars Programme commences in July and ends in December the following year. The 18-month journey consists of 13 terms of six weeks each. Every term is structured so that the four parallel tracks of learning are taught simultaneously, with a week of assessment towards the end of the term.

Term Start Date End Date
Term 1 25-Jul-16 5-Sep-16
Term 2 06-Sep-16 16-Oct-16
Term 3 17-Oct-16 27-Nov-16
Term 4 28-Nov-16 8-Jan-17
Term 5 9-Jan-17 19-Feb-17
Term 6 20-Feb-17 02-Apr-17
Term 7 03-Apr-17 14-May-17
Term 8 15-May-17 25-Jun-17
Term 9 26-Jun-17 06-Aug-17
Term 10 07-Aug-17 03-Sep-17
Term 11 04-Sep-17 15-Oct-17
Term 12 16-Oct-17 26-Nov-17
Term 13 27-Nov-17 24-Dec-17
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The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women
Offered jointly by the Vedica Foundation and Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication
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