‘Shadow a Woman CEO’ Programme

One of the most unique features of Vedica is its ‘Shadow a Woman CEO’ programme  – a compelling one-month module that exposes Vedica scholars to a successful, senior, professional woman. The objective of the programme is to combine a practical insight into management practice with women and leadership issues. This 1-month module will mimic an ‘EA to a CEO’ role and will allow Scholars to gain useful skills and exposure to a working life before joining the workforce. For those who have work experience, it will offer a jump-start opportunity to work with the senior-most level in a company first-hand. This module is modelled on a successful programme offered by The US State Department and the Fortune magazine. Corporations and senior women leaders offer to share their life and mentor a budding young professional for 4 weeks. You will join their meetings, work on projects, and participate in their daily schedules – the mundane and the strategic in equal measure. This 4 week module will be scheduled as a term during the second half of the course. VSPW is privileged to have the following women leaders as mentors for this programme:

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The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women
Offered jointly by the Vedica Foundation and Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication
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