V-WA 50

The V-WA 50

An initiative by The Vedica Women’s Alliance (V-WA)

Women have made extraordinary contributions to their fields, across sectors and functions, often in the face of significant barriers to success. Yet, they are a minority in positions of leadership around the world. For these women to be made visible, we need to tell their stories, celebrate their achievements, and build a repository of role models that inspire generations of women to come.

The V-WA 50 is an initiative to recognise, reward, and replicate women's professional success. The awards will honour senior women professionals for their outstanding achievements and exemplary leadership.

Continuing Vedica's mission of making women visible, the V-WA 50 will celebrate their stories, spark change among peers, and inspire more women towards success.

And the award goes to…

  • 10 categories
  • 50 awards
  • Invaluable contributions

Recognising women whose work demonstrates innovation in technology by offering solutions to business challenges and transforming lives and organisations.

Awarding academics whose work investigates pressing issues, enriches our understanding of the world, and marks a significant contribution to their field of expertise.

Recognising women who create and inspire change. These leaders have paved the way for women's progress in society through their commitment to growth, equality, and welfare.

Celebrating outstanding achievement in finance by women whose leadership has created value for their organisation.

Recognising women who have demonstrated leadership in the manufacturing sector across functions, paving the way for more women in the future.

Acknowledging women who have demonstrated excellence in marketing and sales through the creation of tangible value for the organisation.

Recognising high-performance women in HR who have enriched their organisations by advancing strong organisational culture, building impactful processes, or designing people strategies to deliver value.

Awarding women for a notable achievement or significant contribution to the legal field.

Recognising women leading development initiatives that work towards an equitable and sustainable world by solving challenges and empowering communities.

Recognising men in business who have demonstrated their commitment to equality by supporting women leaders and advocating for inclusion.

Awarding exceptional leaders whose remarkable vision and achievements have left a lasting impact on their organisation, industry, and community over the span of their career. Nominations for this award are based on the jury’s recommendation.

Recognising young leaders who demonstrate commitment to equality by advocating for gender diversity and inclusion. Nominations for this award are based on the jury’s recommendation.


  • The Women Leaders awards are open to senior women professionals in a leadership position with at least 12 years of work experience.
  • Our Men of Impact award recognises male leaders who have created a tangible impact in furthering gender diversity and inclusion.
  • We have two special categories: the Lifetime Achievement Award and Men of Promise. Nominations for these are based on the jury’s recommendation.

Why V-WA 50

Through the V-WA 50, we want to create a multiplier effect on working women in India and create a community of achievers who will, in turn, amplify the impact within their respective organisations.

Western Digital India's vision is to amplify women's voices and strengthen its commitment to a more diverse and inclusive future. Thus, the creation of a platform to bring forward distinguished women in various fields of professional life and recognise their achievements. Western Digital has always been a strong advocate of diversity, equity, and inclusion and it once again actualises this commitment by promoting women’s leadership and enhancing their visibility. The V-WA 50 will identify women in leadership who will serve as role models for our younger generations and inspire them to think big and beyond and believe in an equal and equitable world.

Join us as we recognise and celebrate the extraordinary contributions that women professionals are making.

The V-WA 50 Vision

...A Word from Our Exclusive Sponsor

“We are excited to introduce the V-WA 50 to further augment the voices of women leaders and shine much-deserved spotlights on them. Celebrating women at the top of their organisations inspires young girls and working profession to emulate them. This is a sine qua non intervention and change to help create better balanced gender diversity roadmaps. I am confident that the V-WA 50 will empower women leaders across the country and catalyse the next generation of upcoming leaders, bringing in a new change in the ecosystem."

Supria Dhanda

VP & Country Manager,
Western Digital India


...A Word From Our Founder


"Women are 50% of the population, make invaluable contributions in the world, and, increasingly, in their workplaces—but remain under-recognised and unsung. With V-WA 50, we are committed to changing this and ‘making women visible’. By presenting strong role models for the generations to come, we will set the wheels of change in motion, irreversibly."

Anuradha Das Mathur

Founder, The Vedica Women’s Alliance (V-WA) Founder & Dean, The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women


Announcing the V-WA 50
Lifetime Achievement and Special Category Awards
To view the entire ceremony, please click here


Applications close 11 June, 2021
Felicitation ceremony 30 July, 2021

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About The Vedica Women’s Alliance (V-WA)

The Vedica Women’s Alliance (V-WA) is a first-of-its-kind initiative built to aggregate, advocate, and amplify the voices of women leaders from across the country and shape an ecosystem that helps women professionals thrive. V-WA hopes to grow the cadre of professional women - in terms of numbers and influence. Through peer learning sessions to foster ‘collective wisdom’, monthly issue-based briefings on specific ‘women and work’ issues, curated masterclasses with a unique focus on personal and professional transformation, high-quality research products and regular surveys with an aim to create new knowledge and create awareness, mentorship opportunities with a chance to build an influential professional network and direct engagement with government, industry and academy to shape policy for women and gender in the workforce, our member services will equip women professionals to pursue successful ‘break-free’ careers and become catalysts of change.

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