About The Young Women's Leadership Immersion (YWLI)

Vedica’s Young Women’s Leadership Immersion (YWLI) is a two-week summer school for young women from India and around the world. This module will seek to enhance their leadership skills, and enable them to become the inspirational young women we envision them to be. The curriculum is carefully crafted to equip participants with the tools to navigate their personal and professional journeys, and create tangible impact. From encountering problems at a global level to navigating challenges at an organisational level, you will get a chance to assess and solve them through your personal strengths while understanding a wide range of topics within the complex and diverse gender landscapes in India.

Why should you join YWLI?


Understand yourself and leverage your strengths for personal and professional success


Adopt the gender lens and become critically aware of your biases


Learn from a diverse, cross-cultural peer groups from India and around the world


Articulate your personal vision and leadership style in an effective and nuanced manner


Master intercultural communication and networking


Craft narratives of change in your social and professional spaces


Why India?

By 2021, India will become the youngest country in the world, with 64% of its population in the working age group, and about half will be women. While Vedica is committed to women reaching their full professional potential and leading the change towards greater participation of women in the workforce, YWLI in India will give you the opportunity to actively participate in a global movement focused on women’s rights and participation. Not only will you get a chance to participate in this movement but you will also be able to assess tangible impact in this regard through your experience in India with a close proximity to the heart of the problem. The IMF estimates that equal participation of women in the workforce will increase India’s GDP by 27 percent, with an economic impact of US $700 billion.

Finally, India’s rich cultural diversity and heritage will offer you a critical perspective on the world’s largest democracy, and its socio-political nuances. There will be visits to important cultural institutions in Delhi such as the National Museum, the Sanskriti museums and Humayun’s Tomb, a World Heritage Site, to understand the contribution made by different communities, historic periods, and regions to the development of a composite heritage- like that of India.