The Vedica Bursary

The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women aims to prepare women with the potential to achieve fulfilling careers. The total fee for the Programme stands at INR 14,50,000 for Class of 2023. In recognition of their future potential, every admitted Scholar is awarded a Vedica Bursary of INR 2,75,000.

Cost of the programme: INR 14,50,000
Subsidy by Vedica:  INR 2,75,000
Cost of the programme to each scholar: INR 11,75,000

Accounting for the Vedica Bursary, the detailed fee structure for Class of 2023:
Tuition Fee INR 6,75,000
Accommodation Food & Transport INR 5,00,000 
Total INR 11,75,000*

*GST as applicable

You can download the detailed fee payment structure here.

The Vedica Scholarship

Over and above the Bursary, the Vedica Foundation will also award scholarships to deserving candidates based on need and merit. The scholarship offered will either cover a full tuition waiver or in part.

  •         The scholarship will be awarded to students who meet the “Need” and “Merit” criteria as detailed hereinafter.
  •         The scholarship offered will either cover a part of or the full tuition fees.
  •         The scholarship is awarded for the entire duration of the course.
  •         The awarded scholarship amount will be adjusted against the total fee due in four equal instalments over the course of 18 months   


  •     All students must have an admission offer and have submitted the initial deposit of INR 70,800.
  •     There must not be any proven case of indiscipline and misconduct against the student. In case of any such act of proven indiscipline and misconduct against a      student who has already been awarded the scholarship, the scholarship awarded will be discontinued immediately.

Scholarship Calendar


Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Application Deadline

10th February 2022

30th March 2022

25th May 2022

5th July

Result(expected deadline)

27th February 2022

24th April 2022

19th June 2022

20th July

*Admits till 19th December (Round 1 applications) can apply in the Round 1 Scholarships
*Admits till 27th February (Round 2 applications) can apply in the Round 2 Scholarships
*Admits till 24th April (Round 3 applications) can apply in the Round 3 Scholarships
*Admits till 19th June (Round 4 applications) can apply in the Round 4 Scholarships


  •     We will follow the scholarship calendar in terms of receiving applications and declaring results
  •     For the scholarship application, each interested Scholar has to fill out an online form with the necessary details.
  •     After the scholarship application submission, each scholar will be invited for an in-person/online interview with the Scholarship Committee.
  •     The scholarship award list will be released based on an overall assessment made by the Scholarship Committee.
  •     The Scholarship award will be adjusted against the total fee due in four equal instalments over the course of 18 months.

Other Conditions

  •      Please note that Scholarships are only offered on the tuition fee and not on accommodation, food and transport. Scholarship holders  cannot avail the one-time-   payment waiver of INR 75,000 (refer to your offer letter for this clause)
  •      The Scholarship Award should be treated with integrity and confidentiality.

Documents Requirement

  •        Annual yearly family income. Salary Certificate/ Form-16 / Intimation U/s 143(1) for last 3 Financial Years along with Income Tax Return.
  •        Proof of your educational background including school, college and other academic qualifications. (Xth, XIIth, Graduation, Post-Graduation (if applicable) certificates)
  •        A portfolio of your extra-curricular achievements
  •        A statement of purpose on why you should be awarded the Vedica scholarship (not more than 400 words)

    *Family Income indicates the total income of parents and self. In case the student has a guardian (other than either of the parents) the total income of the guardian and self will be taken into consideration.*