The Vedica Ethos

At Vedica, we believe in the power of communities. Changing mindsets is no easy feat, that’s why we begin with our own programme team. It is imperative that we hold ourselves to our ideals.

We hope to be
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Committed to our mission:

Our mission to prepare women with potential to achieve fulfilling careers. Women who walk the journey from education to empowerment.

Women who set an example. Everywhere. Everyday.

Respectful to each other:

Imbibing an attitude of gratitude, being polite, kind, caring and nurturing towards each other.

You’ll find smiling, happy faces! Most of the time.

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Collaborative across hierarchies and functions:

Working across roles, covering each other’s weaknesses and harnessing each other’s strengths. A strong belief in communities, each team member adopts collaboration as a principal tool in their work.

Every dunk needs an alley-oop!

Inclusive and open to new ideas and diversity:

A promise to be dynamic, cutting-edge and current not only in our ways of thinking, but in our day to day processes. Imbibing a culture of openness to ideas, people and un-learning.

The glasses half-full or half-empty? Fully shattered is more our style.

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Constantly questioning our own biases:

Systematically challenging our biases and beliefs using first principles. Immersed in a novel work environment, we strive towards a culture of consistent un-learning and breaking of stereotypes and biases.

Occupying roles of both the marble and sculptor, crafting our masterpiece.

Supportive and celebrate each other’s moments:

Spirit of comradery, shouldering of responsibilities, showering appreciation and swarm of positivity.

We celebrate each member's achievements like our own. We don’t skip a chance to party.

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A non-judgmental, safe space for all:

Suspending personal biases, each team member strives to being equally objective, understanding and empathetic towards individuals of every race, colour, sex, etc.

Experience Vedicare at its finest.

Reliable, earnest and diligent:

Each member holds herself/himself to the highest ideals of responsibility, committing their time and effort to work sincerely, to being honest and working hard.

It gets serious. Fast.

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Youthful and forever curious in spirit:

A promise to never lose our childlike spirit of curiosity, wanderlust and belief in the magic created by communities pushing for a shift in mindsets.

When we get a chance to sit it out or dance - we dance! We’ve found how to botox our brains.

Better versions of ourselves every day:

Being benchmark professionals, citizens and human beings.

We don’t compare our behind-the-scenes with another’s trailer.