The ReNew-Vedica Talk Series is a series of knowledge-sharing sessions focussed on sustainability, and climate change, curated for Vedica Scholars. This series will closely explore and unpack these themes in the context of a renewable energy company. The sessions will culminate in an exciting case-study competition for the Scholars.

Sustainability as a practice has been embraced by large corporations, governmental organisations and smaller communities alike. Climate change is one of the biggest crises we face today and addressing such a monumental challenge requires increased participation from all sectors and collective stakeholder action, to arrive at actionable outcomes. Multidisciplinary skills such as critical thinking paramount to bring communities together to foster change. There is no doubt that achieving gender parity will also accelerate the efforts aimed towards sustainability exponentially, due to a multitude of factors concerning the deep interlinkages between gender and sustainability.

The ReNew-Vedica Talk Series is one step forward towards the increased participation and dialogue on sustainability and climate change. We hope this series produces many interesting case studies and many more fruitful discussions.


Mahesh Rangarajan Chair, Ashoka Archives of Contemporary India, Professor of History & Environmental Studies, Ashoka University
Anirban Ghosh Chief Sustainability Officer at the Mahindra Group

ReNew Power Team:
Kartik Gulati Assistant Manager, New Business (International Business & Technology)
Anurit Kanti Deputy Manager, Sustainability

Manisha Natarajan Content curator, storyteller, and Editor
Vaishali Nigam Sinha Chief Sustainability, CSR and Communications Officer, ReNew Power

Anurit Kanti (Assistant Manager, Sustainability)
Shirin Kujur (Assistant General Manager - CSR & Sustainability) at ReNew