Over the years, we have received a growing number of applications from deserving women who are keen to benefit from the Vedica experience, but are unable to meet the Programme’s residential requirement.

As we enter our 10th year, we are delighted to extend the benefits of Vedica to every woman committed to carving a successful career for herself – women with care-giving responsibilities and other mobility restrictions – even if they can’t board with us!

Our goal is to ensure that all deserving women have the opportunity to benefit from the Vedica experience, regardless of their residential status. We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in our programme, and we believe that by extending the Day Scholar opportunity, we can continue to support more women in their journey towards empowerment.

We are delighted to announce 10 seats for Day Scholars in our Class of 2025.

Admissions are open!

The Day Scholar Committee will evaluate candidature and admission to the non-residential category.

For enquiries, write to us at dayscholars@vedicascholars.com


Application and Admissions Process:

  • Email us at dayscholars@vedicascholars.com with the subject ‘Day Scholars 2025 | ’ with your interest. Our Day Scholar Counsellor will contact you.
  • The Day Scholar Committee will evaluate your eligibility for the non-residential programme.
  • Eligible candidates will participate in our regular admissions process – online application + personal interviews/written assignment.
  • The Day Scholar Committee reserves the final decision on admissions.
  • Selected candidates will be offered admission to the differentiated ‘non-residential’ category.*
*Day Scholar access to residential privileges will be restricted. Conditions will apply.

APPLICABLE FEE 11,01,600 (inclusive of taxes)

*Vedica Scholars, who pay the fee in one installment upon acceptance of admission, can avail a discount of INR 50,000- on the tuition fee. The waiver application reduces the total fee payable from INR 11,01,600/- to INR 10,51,600/- (including taxes) for 18 months.