Taking Charge of Personal Growth

Perhaps the most important and reflective track out of the four, the Personal Growth track seeks to take each Scholar on a journey of self-discovery, to help them diagnose their core values and take decisions in line with them. This track takes you through a journey of understanding self esteem, your obstacles to learning, managing emotions like fear, rejection, shame, grief, guilt, happiness and much more. A journey of discovery allowing each Scholar to truly understand the 'self' and place it in a dynamic and constantly changing environment, like we have today, have garnered the personal growth track some of the highest accolades from the Vedica alumni.


This track focuses more on classroom discussions and activities. A large part of classroom activities are facilitated in groups, however, homework is kept at an individual level and focuses on individual reflection and learnings. Feedback and peer learning play a crucial role in this track as well. Our track is also supported by a mental health professional who provides counselling to all Vedica students on a bi-monthly basis, should they choose to opt for it.

Courses in the Personal Growth Track

vedica scholar personal development courses

  • Understanding the Self
  • Leadership and Innovation
  • Navigating Leadership Success
  • The Art of Living Courageously
Engagement Every Term
  • Intra and Inter personal Dynamics
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