The Communications Track

One of the most essential aspects of modern professional life, communication is of prime importance when dealing with diverse stakeholders - from the lowest to the highest rungs of the corporate ladder. Vedica strongly rejects the categorisation of communications as 'soft skills', in fact, we believe that communication skills are the glue that ties the thread between all aspects in your professional toolkit.


Vedica faculty comprises the best and brightest in academia and the industry. Our distinguished faculty come with many years of experience of teaching communications courses to students, executive education programmes and corporates.

Courses in the Communicating for Impact Track

vedica's communication skill courses

  • Communications 101
  • Introduction to Communications theory and interfaces
  • Critical thinking I
  • Communicating through Theatre
  • Fundamentals of Language
  • Storytelling, Perspectives and Point of View
  • Corporate Communications
  • Focussed Groups
    (developing different lenses to understand various issues such as feminism, identity, languages and translation, queer politics)
  • Elements of Writing
  • Critical Thinking II
  • Report Writing

The Communications Track, led by the Vedica Writing and Communication Centre, is a unique 18-month continual engagement that pushes our Scholars to think critically about contemporary issues and enhances their professional listening, reading, writing and oratory skills. Our alumni are constantly lauded and awarded for their superior communications skills in the workforce, all thanks to their tenure with the VWCC.

Vedica Writing and Communication Centre

The Vedica Writing and Communication Centre is a unique facility offered in conjunction with the Communications Track at Vedica. Scholars are encouraged to regularly interface with the tutors at the VWCC for all matters 'communication' - public speaking, essays, report drafts and research papers, across all the four tracks. Regular one-on-one interactions are scheduled throughout the 18-months to ensure each scholar has a customised experience tailored to her learning style.


  • Workplace communications: Email Protocols
  • Benchmarking test (public speaking and written)
  • One-on-one meetings with the entire batch
  • Editing Workshop
  • Storytelling Workshop
  • Presentation Workshop
  • Referencing Responsibly
  • Shadow assignments and presentations
  • Panel discussions (for placements)
  • Public speaking - monologues, roleplays
  • Personal Narratives Workshop
  • Feedback Sessions
  • Written Submissions
    • 3-hour test on different elements of language
    • Assignments on Outbound Module
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