The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women recognizes qualities which set apart Scholars from their peers.  The instituted awards cover aspects of academic excellence, personal growth, the spirit of initiative and professional conduct. These awards support and encourage Scholars as they step into challenging workplaces.

The following awards have been instituted:

1. The Dean's Award for Outstanding Performance at the 'Shadow a Woman Leader' Module

2. The Dean's Award for Social Entrepreneurship and Academic Proficiency supported by Sunita Arora

3. The Dean's Award for Integrity and Exemplary Conduct supported by Manjula Ahluwalia

4. The Vedica Award for Academic Excellence for exemplary pursuit of knowledge, a keen desire for learning and upholding the highest standards of academic integrity

5. The Dean’s Award for Benchmark Professionalism for maintaining excellent standards of professional conduct and integrity

6. The Vedica Spirit Award for:

  • Sustained commitment to personal growth
  • Exemplary initiative and showcasing responsibilities beyond the call of duty
  • Intellectual curiosity, exemplary conduct and exuberance for life

7 .The Vedica Ambassador Award for keenly promoting the mission of the programme

8. The ReNew Emerging Green Scholar Award for promoting sustainability initiatives at the programme.