Learning From Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts are the keys to navigating through any challenge with wider perspectives. Liberal Arts courses help in the decision-making process at any workplace with a more refined and informed approach with a zest of creativity that allows individuals to come up with out-of-the-box solutions and ideas.

The immersive Liberal Arts programme courses create an interwoven learning experience for scholars to be able to use and direct their learnings in real decision making for any type of industry and help them prosper to become a more holistic leader in the professional world.

One of the unique aspects of pedagogy that arises from including Liberal Arts in a post-graduate programme is that it provides distinctive learning experiences for the scholars. Along with discussions, reflective pieces, and essays, this track also throws light on extracurriculars such as films, cultural trips, plays, simulations, and social experiments. This helps scholars to identify and experience learning on a deeper scale than any other MBA programme, even allowing our scholars to pursue careers in Liberal Arts.

The curriculum that comprises the liberal arts courses at Vedica includes various aspects of social, economical, political, and cultural studies. From the study of Philosophy to Law and Ethics, Liberal Art courses help in refining the learning experience and adding a unique, irreplaceable skillset in tandem with management skills.


Courses in the Liberal Arts Track

vedica's liberal art course for women

  • Liberal Arts 101
  • Macroeconomics
  • Principles of Economics for Management Practice
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Women, Society and Changing India
  • Development Practice
  • Psychological Insights into Life Worlds
  • History
  • Public Policy
  • Understanding Art
  • Sociology
  • Sustainability
  • Law and Citizenship
  • Law and Ethics
Special Courses
  • Vedica being one of the best Liberal Arts college doesn't only offer a fair understanding of liberal art programmes and subjects but also a special opportunity for the students to explore and expand the horizon of their practical knowledge through its a rural immersion experience
  • Vedica provides a 5 day cultural and rural immersion experience by giving the scholars a chance to step out of their comfort zone and have a firsthand on field experience. This 5 day field trip aims to impart understanding in policy making at ground level and to study the role of rural women in society.
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