About the Vedica Writing and Communication Centre

The Writing and Communication Centre plays a unique part in Vedica's re-imagination of a management programme. Since communication skilling is a prominent facet of preparing for today's workplace, all Vedica Scholars are trained to excel in it. The Writing and Communication Centre helps each Scholar gain enough communicative competence to confidently navigate the professional space. The Centre's methods are derived from the newest principles of language-teaching and the interdisciplinary humanities. The facilities of the Centre are open to current Scholars as well as alumnae.


The Writing and Communication Centre equips Scholars with a checklist of basics directly required by recruiters today. Courses and workshops cover topics on organisational communication, journalistic communication, personal communication as well as the 'creative' and 'literary'. The Centre does not offer to do the work for Scholars, but partners with them to build on their spoken and written aptitude.

How the Writing and Communication Centre works

The Writing and Communication Centre functions along the academic track Thinking and Communicating for Impact, and works in two ways:

Foundation Courses

  • Foundation courses are offered by instructors on different aspects of language/communication: Spoken language, writing quality, critical thinking, comprehension, synthesising data for responsible research, structured argumentation, effective story-telling and presentation skills.
  • Small groups and tutorials are designed to follow up on these.

The Writing & Communication Lab

  • The Writing Lab is a system of office hours with the writing faculty, and is the main spine of the Centre.
  • It is a collaborative and encouraging space for Scholars and works by appointment.
  • Scholars are welcome to discuss all kinds of writing—assignments, reports, essays, articles, etc.
  • Through one-on-one sessions of 30-45 minutes, the instructor trains each Scholar in editing and structuring techniques, so that her writing improves over time.

Writing Faculty

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