Beating the Quarantine Blues

Quarantine may conjure up an image of blues for many people, but Scholars at Vedica have found unique ways to keep their spirits up. They are not only involved in internships and other skill-enhancement activities at a personal level, but they also have been participating in collective activities as a batch to keep the unity of spirit and sisterhood alive.

As a part of the weekly Feminist Reading Club, our Scholars have explored a wide range of themes including Women in Mythology, Women in Cinema, Workplace Stereotyping, and Women in Entrepreneurship. These discussions not only function as an intellectual stimulus but also provide a safe space for our Scholars to share common gendered experiences. Very consciously, their conversations are aimed at finding solutions in order to build a more equal world.

The Marketing Club, born during the lockdown, under the mentorship of Siddarth Menon, one of India’s leading Marketing and Strategy specialists, is a hugely popular student initiative. Scholars are learning about marketing with a strong focus on pragmatic and contemporary frameworks. Despite the digital fatigue, Scholars have asked for additional sessions with our star faculty mentor!

Their creative instincts became evident in their Inter and Intra Personal Dynamics course, where they expressed their Quarantine Moods through different artistic ways.

While productivity is important, to be mentally healthy is as important, if not more. Given the trauma of the pandemic, we at Vedica have enhanced our mental health support for our Scholars. Our Counsellor, Dr. Antara Dave has been ever present to engage with Vedica Scholars – her suggestions for gratitude journaling, as an example, have helped many cope better. It would be fair to say, we are learning how to face the blues, when we can’t beat them!

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