Srishti Rai

  • Gorakhpur
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  • Fresher
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  • B.Sc.

There is a famous quote by “Harvey Fierstein” that every person in the world has some kind of talent, quality but they are not much aware of it.
Starting at the age of 8 ,Srishti completed her Graduation in KATHAK Dance when she was 13.
Leaving behind her comfort zone and availing every opportunity in her way, she wasn't afraid to try new things. She took Biology after 10th as her major subject, then did her graduation with majors in CHEMISTRY from Banaras Hindu University and now has set her foot in Management studies at Vedica.
Srishti's warm and unapologetic demeanor naturally makes one comfortable and just be themselves.She is a driven individual with an extreme talent at lateral problem solving .
Unabashedly fashion obsessed , Srishti's style is one of her highlights.
She’s the one her friends go to for fashion advice. Even if they don't go to her, she’s more than happy to give unsolicited opinions and tips.
Whether it's in her personal life or her career, Srishti isn't afraid to go after what she wants . It is her deligience and I-can-do-this attitude that sets her up as the most reliable and wise .She has ventured out to find meaning in her life and is perhaps going to encounter it one day.