Brinda Sud

I believe that the curriculum at Vedica will provide me with the perfect opportunity to undertake management education and develop critical thinking skills, which are required to excel in the corporate world. Most importantly, I feel that this course will help me to reach my utmost potential both personally and professionally through mentoring and hands-on experience.

Vidhi Nangia

The Vedica Scholars Programme is innovative and one of its kind, which is why it intrigued me in the first place. It offers a diverse set of subjects, combined with hands-on experience and mentorship by some very known people in the industry – a combination offered by no other course till now. It seems like a place where learning is valued more than traditional practices and I am sure it will play a pivotal role in shaping my professional career and bringing me

Ananta Gaur

The course, structure, faculty, governing council, and the values that Vedica espouses strongly appealed to me. I am looking forward to learning from world-class faculty and, equally eager to shadow a woman CEO, and come out of Vedica feeling stronger, more confident and whole. A strong believer in the power of feminine energies, the collective strength, sensitivities and consciousness

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