Abhina Aher

Anahita Speaker Series


Building an Inclusive India: Trans Rights and Representation

The transgender community in India continues to experience social, legal, political, and economic marginalization today. At its source, the stigma surrounding the trans community stems from society's perception of gender non-conformity as 'abnormal'— leaving its members vulnerable to violence, poverty, and being overlooked from mainstream policy formulation. As activists and civil society in India work to strengthen trans rights, how can we move towards a bias-free understanding of gender to create inclusive workplaces and healthcare policies? How do our misperceptions impact trans representation, and what can we do to effectively mitigate transphobia?

For the second Anahita Speaker Series session of 2021, we hosted Abhina Aher, technical expert at I-TECH India, to draw on her inspiring work as a transgender activist to gain insights and suggestions on transgender inclusion in India.