Dr. Pavithra Suryanarayan

Anahita Speaker Series


Understanding Political Participation in the U.S.

With growing racial tensions in the U.S, the recent election reflected an extremely politically charged America. On the other hand, the active political participation of oppressed groups like Black African Americans, South Asians, and the working class has resulted in the selection of a diverse cabinet. As the Biden administration works towards the democratization of the American state, it is important to examine how these changes can impact the state's apparatus. Does a more diverse voter base and cabinet make for better public institutions? How has big political change affected the United States' bureaucratic capacity in the past?

Join us for the first Anahita session of 2021, as Dr. Pavithra Suryanarayan, assistant professor at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, draws on her research to discuss how political participation of different groups in America could shape the state's institutions.