Shobhini Mukerji

Anahita Speaker Series


Policymaking During Crises

The coronavirus pandemic has re-emphasized the need for evidence-backed research in tackling health, economic, and socio-political issues in India, and across the world. Complex challenges arising out of the crisis will require holistic policy solutions, developed in consultation with civil society, academics, and industry. Given the far-reaching consequences of our decisions, and the diversity of stakeholders that need to be brought on board, how can we effectively employ rigorous, empirical research to tackle these challenges? In an increasingly saturated information space, how can we ensure that scientifically cogent and implementable steps are taken during times of crises?

Shobhini Mukerji, executive director of J-PAL South Asia, draws on her decades-long experience of transforming research into action to help us understand how to best address the need for evidence-backed policy solutions during a global crisis.