Paromita Vohra

Anahita Speaker Series


Changing the Lens: Telling Powerful Stories in Multimedia India

Honest explorations of subjects like inclusive sex education, pleasure, desire, and equality using different forms are finding new audiences in India. From books and traditional documentaries to sound installations and multimedia platforms, artists today find new ways to convey their stories and ideas more accurately. Do new ideas then require newer forms to find meaningful expression? What is the role of the filmmaker in shaping public consciousness and culture? How can we create opportunities for diverse representation in the world of film? Can newer platforms widen the limits to freedom of expression?

Join us for the third Anahita Speaker Series of 2021 with Paromita Vohra, founder and creative director at Agents of Ishq, as she draws on her experience as a filmmaker and writer to discuss how different forms can facilitate the unique exploration of subjects like comprehensive sex education in an inclusive and authentic way.